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Green Squared Certified

Ironrock, maker of Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile, METROBRICK thin brick, and Royal Thin Brick, has gone through the certification process with our Green Squared third-party auditor, SCS Global Services - and has obtained Green Squared Certification for all quarry tile and thin brick products.
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Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - Ironrock's products are covered by an industry-wide Environmental Product Declaration.  Ironrock was an active participant in this initiative when it was first published in 2014. We have continued to contribute our company data for each renewal. Most environmental programs such as LEED, Well Building, and Green Globes offer credits for products covered by an EPD. When combined with EPDs for related products such as grouts and mortars, a tile system can go a long ways towards satisfying both the number of EPDs and number of manufacturers required for the credits.

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Ingredient Disclosure

Material Ingredient Guide - Ingredient disclosure is another key facet of sustainable building certifications. Ironrock was again a driving member of the group publishing the Material Ingredient Guide for tile in 2021. This guide is an industry first, disclosing ingredients for tile as an industry. Ironrock went a step further by having a guide specific to our products also certified. These guides satisfy reporting requirements often associated with HPDs, Health Product Declarations.

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A Bright Idea

In 2010-2011 Ironrock undertook to replace all indoor lighting with high energy efficient bulbs and fixtures - cutting electrical consumption from lighting by more than 60%. The lighting replacement was in cooperation with the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) and Ironrock’s local utility company. The new lighting covers the entire 370,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, shipping, and office space at Ironrock. The lights are designed not only to be more efficient but also are equipped with timed motion sensors for even more energy savings.

Public Disclosure
• Ironrock used 6,010,372 kWh of electricity in 2019
• Ironrock used 161,538 MCF of natural gas in 2019
• Ironrock did not consume any public water in 2019

Recycled Materials

Since the inception of the company as a brick paver manufacturer over one hundred forty years ago, Ironrock has had a commitment of stewardship toward the land and its resources. We pride ourselves on our effort to recycle, reduce waste, and incorporate resource saving practices into everyday work practices.

To further reduce waste material, Ironrock has a recycling program. We recycle a variety of materials from our Canton, OH manufacturing facility and encourage employees to bring in their recyclable products from home.

Ironrock also has a Refractory Recycling Program. Refractories are the plates, posts, and blocks that let tile and brick go through the Ironrock kilns.  Although they can withstand high temperatures, they are easy to break.  Ironrock now has a program in place to return broken refractories to our supplier to use in making new refractories. Ironrock is pleased to add recycling refractories to the list of materials we recycle and re-use.

Refractory Recycling

Aluminum Cans